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Last update: July 8, 2017

Open source

Muse to WordPress is and will remain free and open-source forever,

including all essentials and on-line learning material.

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Do not update Muse 2017.1 !!!

Edit 17-08-25 09:15 The result of using the widget may remain approximate. Edit 17-08-24 20:15 Downl...

Still more

The new version is available now and improves a lot of features. More stable, more flexible, faster,...

Solid Update: Go to 1.1

MTW 1.1 is done, stabilized and works great with a lot of tested plugins and widgets. What’s t...

Using shortcodes in Adobe Muse

What is Shortcode? Shortcode is a concept from WordPress that allow you to call a lot of WordPress e...

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