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Hello world!

We work to improve a lot of features. We need your feedback to progress.

What do you think about Muse to WordPress?



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Hello! I find your project very exciting! This could give designers a lot of control about the feeling of the websites they create for their clients. Thanks for your work.

I have a question or sugestion: How do i define the places were the widgets in WP will be shown? Do you have shortcodes i can add to elements like text fields or rectangles to kind of define the widgets areas like in real WP themes?

For example: [main-menu], [custom1-menu], [custom2-menu], [slider-or-feat.img], [area1-widgets], [area2-widgets], [area3-widgets], etc… so once in WP i can assign a desire widget to a specific defined area.

Thanks again for your project and for your help in advance. Have a great day.

Thank you a lot. Hope this can help you a lot in development side as i think it will help us in the templates design side too. I think this way your project will be more likely to be use for “non-coders” website designers. Have a nice day, guys!

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