Using shortcodes in Adobe Muse

What is Shortcode?

Shortcode is a concept from WordPress that allow you to call a lot of WordPress elements. It’s really a great tool for complete your creating experience with Muse to WordPress.

See our shortcode list

How to use shortcodes in Muse to WordPress?

It’s really easy to use it! Just write it with “Text tool” like a text and place it where you want. Use Adobe Muse text panel to define text and link style. You need to launch your theme in a Muse to WordPress installation to see the result.

Hyperlink shortcodes

Some shortcode return URL and can be used directly in the Adobe Muse Hyperlink.

How to find shortcodes?

Often, plugins have shortcodes, you can find it on editor website or in plugin description. There is also plugins only bring you shortcodes collection.

For examples:


See our shortcode list

Understanding theme hierarchy

Using the WordPress hierarchy in Adobe Muse.

What the WordPress hierarchy?

It bring you the possibility to automatize a lot of designs rules into your theme.
– archive will be used for list your post
– single is your design for a single post

How does it work?



You must name the html files like archive.html, your title could be different.

<- see our example

In practice, there is a lot of reserved words that are used for hierarchy.




What are the possibilities?

MTW* hierarchy is based on WordPress, just not use php extention.
Check out next links to understand WordPress hierarchy.

Muse to WordPress added rules:

  1. item
    it is using for grid list that’s assume archive list

  2. language
    not like other hierarchy, language as been added on all hierarchy, to website using several languages.
    it work with plugin like Polylang
  3. $
    This sign is used at the begin of your file name to exclude a Muse page from the synchronize function


Do you need more info or a complete video to better understanding the concept?
let us a comment 😉

*  MTW = Muse to WordPress