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Using shortcodes in Adobe Muse

What is Shortcode?

Shortcode is a concept from WordPress that allow you to call a lot of WordPress elements. It’s really a great tool for complete your creating experience with Muse to WordPress.

See our shortcode list

How to use shortcodes in Muse to WordPress?

It’s really easy to use it! Just write it with “Text tool” like a text and place it where you want. Use Adobe Muse text panel to define text and link style. You need to launch your theme in a Muse to WordPress installation to see the result.

Hyperlink shortcodes

Some shortcode return URL and can be used directly in the Adobe Muse Hyperlink.

How to find shortcodes?

Often, plugins have shortcodes, you can find it on editor website or in plugin description. There is also plugins only bring you shortcodes collection.

For examples:


See our shortcode list



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Hi, I’m trying out the widget shortcode by adding

[mtw_sidebar name="test"]

to a muse-website. First I’ve added this widget to the functions.php and then I added a menu to that widget-area. So far so good. But whatever I put in the second part, nothing changes. It keeps on showing the content of “Sidebar-1”.

Any ideas?

Hi, the [mtw] shortcodes doesnt appear in plugins list: “No plugins found for “[mtw] shortcodes””

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