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Muse to WordPress 1.2 +

The new version is available now and improves a lot of features.

More stable, more flexible, faster, more intuitive ...


How to update?

The update process is easy and inside your WordPress admin panel.

The best? Of course!

The Grid list widget is the core of a great conception. For this reason, we have given a great blow to make it as flexible as possible.


  • The item is now fully responsive
  • New query types are added for a complete  freedom with WordPress content
  • There is new way to change column number by size
  • Number of items and custom queries are working for archive
  • Mwusers can use Masonry style

That's it ?! No!

Featured image widget is improved


  • Responsive height
  • Fast loading
  • Perfect size loading according to screen sizes
  • You can choose an image by default if there is no image in WordPress

And ....

Yes, there is more ! All known issues are resolved. A new plugin "Query generator" is included to simplify your Grid list queries.




  • Resolved: Anchor issues
  • Cache alert from Muse removed
  • Update links optimized
  • Item is now fully responsive
  • Resolved: Duplicate pages and delete page's content once synchronize is enable
  • Resolved: HIDPI support
  • Improved multi device support (tablet & phone)
  • Feature image perfect size loaded
  • Improved plugins update
  • Resolved: "content collection" support



New plugin:


Query Generator

There is a field in grid list to use custom queries with JSON

A menu is added in WordPress by installing the "mtw-query-generator" plugin.

For developer: works in MTW for generate JSON and in Tools for generate PHP code



Plugins Update:


Custom post type

  • Auto-remove useless archive (custom post type)
  • Auto create category and tag by custom post

Widget Update:


Grid list

  • New queries type (categories, tags, taxonomies, ...)
  • A new way to control column's number according to your size screen
  • Masonry style added
  • Number of items and custom query works now on Archives
  • A preview helper for design in Muse
  • Advanced panel improvement, you can now use more than one filter


Featured image

  • Responsive height added
  • Default Image added
  • Fast loading + perfect size



Theme Update:


Template XD

The theme is updated with all new features and is easier to understand.



+ Shortcodes added

You still do not understand how MTW works?

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Thanks to all we are here with a ***king powerful tool to let us free to create without limit. We have in mind a lot of new stuffs to continue this adventure.


You can be a part of this, if you are not Mwuser and if you like this project, It's time to join us to make it more more more....


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