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    Juan Canas Pavón

    Hello, you can use Page Builder by SiteOrigin https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/siteorigin-panels/ as live editor. Any way for edit your Muse content from WP you need our Live Edit plugin (coming soon only for MwUser).
    If not you need put the mtw_content shortcode in your muse page and add the content from WP pages menu with Page Builder by SiteOrigin


    Using shortcodes in Adobe Muse



    My English is not so good to write long texts. I wrote the original text below and translated it for you in english with the help of google.

    A colleague has this template: https://themeforest.net/item/inkness-tattoo-studio-muse-template/19464646?s_rank=4
    This is what it would look like http://preview.themeforest.net/item/inkness-tattoo-studio-muse-template/full_screen_preview/1946464646?ga=2.244854605.910878830.1517144234-730890265.1515565810
    when uploading to wordpress, she noticed that it’s not a wordpress template.

    so I downloaded the muse https://mwuse.com/download-muse-to-wordpress/ and installed it in my wordpress.
    after that I could upload and activate the unofficial wordpress template (see above).
    The homepage will also be displayed plugin for muse installed and the template will get activated.
    the template is now shown on the homepage http://tattoo-werkstatt.com, if good.

    now if I log in to the wp and want to edit the stuff via (divi builder “visuale builder”) the divi builder crashes and the following message appears:”Divi-Builder timeout
    Oops, the Divi Builder’s loading seems to have failed. Performing the following steps could help resolve the problem.
    You are using third-party plug-ins. Try disabling each plugin to see if one of them is causing a conflict.”

    I have disabled all plug-ins.
    Only these plug-ins are still active:
    DIvi Builder “2.0.60”
    MWuse “1.2.16”

    what else can I do, that the template “inkness tatoo studio muse” can also be edited with the divi builder. Or is there another possibility to edit it easily via wordpress?
    the colleague has absolutely NO knowledge in programming languages. therefore I help her to build up the basis of the homepage, so that she can maintain it herself afterwards.

    I can also create a test user on my WordPress, so that you can see what might be wrongly set.


    Eine Kollegin hat diese Vorlage : https://themeforest.net/item/inkness-tattoo-studio-muse-template/19464646?s_rank=4
    So würde sie aussehen http://preview.themeforest.net/item/inkness-tattoo-studio-muse-template/full_screen_preview/19464646?_ga=2.244854605.910878830.1517144234-730890265.1515565810
    beim hochladen ins wordpress merkte sie, respektive ich, dass es keine wordpress vorlage ist.

    so habe ich das Muse https://mwuse.com/download-muse-to-wordpress/ herunter geladen und installiert in meinem wordpress.
    danach konnte ich die nicht offiziell wordpress gedachte vorlage (siehe oben) hochladen und aktivieren.
    Die Homepage wird auch angezeigt plugIn für muse installiert und die vorlage so aktiviert bekommen.
    die vorlage wird nun auf der homepage http://tattoo-werkstatt.com angezeigt, soweit gut.

    nun wenn ich ins wp einlogge und dann die Sachen via (divi builder „visuale builder „) bearbeiten möchte stürzt der divi builder ab und es erscheint folgende Meldung: “Divi-Builder Timeout
    Hoppla, das Laden des Divi-Erbauers scheint fehlgeschlagen zu sein. Die Ausführung folgender Schritte könnte helfen, das Problem zu beheben.
    1. Sie verwenden Plugins von Drittanbietern. Versuchen Sie jedes Plugin zu deaktivieren, um festzustellen, ob eines davon einen Konflikt verursacht.”

    Ich habe alle PlugIns deaktiviert.
    Es sind nur noch diese PlugIns aktiv:
    DIvi Builder “2.0.60”
    MWuse “1.2.16”

    was kann ich noch machen, dass die vorlage “inkness tatoo studio muse” auch mit dem divi builder bearbeitet werden kann. Oder gibt es eine andere möglichkeit diese einfach via wordpress zu bearbeiten?
    den die kollegin hat absolut KEINE Kenntnisse in Programmiersprachen. daher helfe ich ihr die basis der homepage aufzubauen, so dass sie danach selbst sie pflegen kann.

    Ich kann euch auch ein Test Benutzer erstellen auf meinem WordPress, damit ihrs ansehen könnt, was ev. falsch eingestellt ist.



    Downloaded Page Builder by SiteOrigin via WordPress PlugIn Manager.
    According to the video it should now be a SitOrigin point, I don’t see it.

    Besides, I have already bought a design “Muse” which according to the sold one is not officially meant for WordPress.
    But I have been able to activate the design with the help of Muse PlugIn and it is also displayed well. Now it’s my problem, how I can work on it. Text “Übermich”.

    The whole design consists of a single HTML file and CSS (index, site_global) file.

    If I activate Page Builder by SiteOrigin and deactivate Mwuse, my design will no longer be displayed.
    Where do I have to place the HTML and CSS in the explorer, so that PageBuider by SiteOrigin can easily find and edit it.
    Or where do I have to place it so that DiviBuilder works otherwise.
    Apparently DiviBuilder and MWuse don’t work together. DiviBuilder crashes when I have Mwuse active and want to edit it with DiviBuilder.

    If you like, I can create a test user for my WordPress and this mwuse design template.



    I’d be happy if somebody could help me out here.


    Juan Canas Pavón

    Hello, in order to manage the contents from wp you must:
    – In Muse, put the shortcode [mtw_content]
    – In wp add the contents from the menu pages

    You can use the ACF plugin to have more control over the contents, but it is also more complicated to configure https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/

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