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    Im sorry Jerome, thats what i am – You got me 🙂
    As a designer always look for new ways to develop a project, also in prints. I can leave my ideas to myself but i think some of them could help You to make MTW more complex.
    But in this particular case it`s another thing – my client know what he want and i search ways to do it as good as i can.

    The arrows would be awsome, loop is now a priority for me.

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    Hi, i think it looks very good!

    Two things: if i make page that scrolls – scroll wheel doesn`t work and it scrolls content behind the lightbox – it would be cool to scroll lightbox content or even cooler to have abillity to controll it. Second one – when i have link next post url/ previous post url and i click it – next page shows in normal (not lightbox) layout. How can i link this so all the post pages would stay in this layout?
    You can check it out on http://lab.nukleina.com

    There is a grid – when You click in title – it links to post page made “like it was lightbox” by me ;P
    But when You click the image – it links to ligtbox, after first “next” click next post shows in standard layout.

    And – sorry – something more – i made this next/ prev to be navigation in lightbox (or looking as lightbox) posts. When im on the last/ previoust post the link lead nowhere because there`s no more posts 🙂 I would like too make it “loop” so after the last post the next one will be the first one. Is it possible?


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    Thanks for response Jérôme!

    I knew about WP better attachments but i had some error when i have install it on my own, not forced by MTW. I don`t remember details of this error.

    I have second concept for this site wich i was writing about above – not gallery in lightbox, but a whole post (“single” design) in lightbox/ popup. I could make cool looking lightbox content design.

    One and only condition of my client is that it has to be one-page site but he has over 20 projects to show in portfolio. This is how it looks now:

    He got good clients but pictures are sometimes good, sometimes bad quality – that is why full screen slideshow as it is in XD template will not work here.


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    Hi, Great work! Many Thanks.

    I`ve read carefuly especialy No. 2
    That is something new for me and something i need right now – more than 1 content boxes/containers on one page. But im wondering - is this plugin the only way to do it? Cant it be done by “slug”? Or new widget – wp query generator?


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    You click right button on the widget and choose the last option from menu – “replace widget” and choose a updated mucow file, that`s all. Of course there can be more options in new version of widget, wich You can set.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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