Grid list


Create blog page. Post & custom post list supported.
+ Responsive columns for Adobe Muse.


– auto (will works on archive models)
– custom
– sequence

N° items
The number of items works only as a preview if you use auto. If you use a custom query it will be include in request.

Advanced Options
Works if custom query

Custom Item
target a filename with html extension. EX: $my-custom-item-for-home.html
if you don’t use a standard item (item.html) use $ to start the filename, MTW will not create the page in WordPress.

Custom WP Query (JSON)
This website is more clear than WordPress documentation:
EX: {"category_name": "news"}

Enter the name of your filter and use add_filter to modify the query.

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Hi, I am trying to put a different image for each category but I can not find how, in wordpress there is not a section that allows to upload images for categories, how could this be solved?

Hoping this is a simple question, but I want to be able to select a specific category to display using the widget. For example, I might have category 1, category 2, category 3

My desired design is
First Grid List instant on a page is Category 1
Second Grid List instant on page is Category 2
Third Grid List instant on page is Category 3

Also, I would want to be able to display a single category on a page. Can’t figure how to do this or if it is even possible. Thanks

Yes, you can use
Advanced Options -> Custom WP Query (JSON)
And you will type
{“category_name”: “category-1”}
{“category_name”: “category-2”}
{“category_name”: “category-3”}
you need to use the slug and not the name as we should guess it. 🙂
There is also the Generator to help you create more complex request

I have not yet become a member, because I think support must support everyone, I’m having difficulties in a widget in the sequence configuration, I joined the chat but I did not get help, little case on the part of the support, that made me angry, now how do I go be a member of something that does not give me security. Some answers I got in the support, were positive. If the widgets are not working with those who get these doubts?

Support is for everyone, the most part of the concept is for free. I’m sorry if you didn’t find directly a solution on the live support, we try to do the best and find solutions as fast as possible where you have issues.

Can you please make a video of you using each of your widgets one by one? They seem great but can be confusing at times. For example, this widget never works for me after editing and exporting. I know I have a couple posts, but I can never see them in the grid – only blank, brown boxes with no links.

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