This template include what you need to begin on Muse to WordPress

  • Grid list exemples for blog and custom post (work) and sequence
  • Search widget
  • Comment zone
  • Complete site

Bonus for Mwuser Only
Pint your blog with the Grid List Masonry !

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Ive tried following the guide but can’t make it work. I load the zip and it unzips but then nothing. Am i missing something

This seems like a great idea, but I have been having no success with it. Whenever I open the XD example file in Muse and try to export it as HTML, Muse crashes with the error message “Failed executing task ‘EXPORT_PAGE_HTML’: Error #1009”

And without any examples, it seems impossible to figure out how to make my own Muse designs work with WordPress.

Has anyone found a workaround? Is there a simpler example file that might provide at least a basic set of examples?

I love the idea of Muse to WordPress, but so far I haven’t been able to export the XD theme to HTML without triggering a Muse crash with error code 1009. I don’t know whether this is a problem with Muse 2018 or something else. It’s quite difficult to figure out how to use Muse to WordPress without some examples, so the inability to use the demo template is quite problematic.

I’m a bit of a beginner with muse but what you’re doing is great.

I’m a little confused by the layout – are all the things in brackets [ ] shortcode for wordpress pulls? How much can you change in WordPress vs what you need to change in Muse?

Is this best to use when building up a site or is it easy to integrate into an existing wordpress site?

You all are making it possible for me to be able to use WordPress for my emergency venture. I look forward to actually pouring into this project to keep it alive

it is a great site
I just need to know how to access grid list add news post and search page
how to use word press doing that
thank you very much

soy nuevo por aquí, pero me encanta muse y wordpress y tener lo mejor de los 2 en un solo lugar es una locura

Hey you guys, this is a wonderful job what you have done with WordPress and Adobe Muse. The first two days I was having some trouble but after all I got the idea. It is amazing.

Hello staff,
I had test the template XD… with MUSE 2017 … realy great template !

My question is : is it possible to add subpages to the others ?
I had add some, but they not show up in the accordion or otherwise ?
May you can help …

Thank you


Hello Ferdinand, the menu is a simple Muse menu, we have set the menu type on “Top Level Pages”, you can change it easily in Muse. Just submenu is not designed.

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